Why the GOP Gives Obama a Pass on Natural Born Citizenship  

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Two words:


Let's face it. Marco Rubio is a GOP sweetheart who has sold himself to the American people as a true conservative. He talks a great game, looks great, and is said to have halfway decent conservative credentials (no RWReview of that yet available).

The problem the GOP faces with Rubio is that his parents were both Cuban nationals at the time of his birth (they were later naturalized), which disqualifies him from ever being President of the United States under the natural born citizen clause - just as Obama is similarly disqualified.

If the GOP were to stand up against Mr. Obama and fight for the Constitution, there would be no chance whatsoever they could run Rubio for POTUS at any time, now or in the future. His name is being floated as a possible vice presidential nominee candidate, but if Obama is ruled ineligible, then Rubio is out the door as well.

The problem the GOP has at this time is that the Constitution trumps the quality of any candidate. Mark Steyn would make a great president, as would Emperor Darth Misha I himself. There are countless amazing people out there who would make amazing presidents, but without being natural born citizens, they are unable to hold the office due to constitutional restrictions. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of quality candidates available to run. This is the same problem faced by the Donks. Had they had a legitimate candidate that could compete with Mr. Obama, he would not be holding the office today. This should have worked out as an automatic win this year for the Republicans, but again, there are no quality candidates in the running. The only constitutionalist in the crowd has a history of racism and weirdness that easily keeps victory at bay. The GOP party bosses have anointed yet another liberal scumbag to run against the loser-in-chief, a recipe for easy defeat.

This is all proof that the GOP is serious about neither winning nor conservatism. The former being problem enough; the latter being completely unacceptable. They are in denial of the obvious fact that the two go hand in hand. Romneyfart provides little contrast to the extremism of the Donks' phony president, while Paul's baggage makes him unattractive as a candidate. The proof is in the message. Which candidate has an actual following, as opposed to a bunch of LOTE voters who would vote for Hitler or Satan just to keep a Democrat out? That would be Ron Paul. Get a candidate without Paul's baggage to articulate his message, and lo and behold, the White House is won.

Of course, supporting a constitutionalist Tea Partier would disqualify Rubio, so the party takes to further demonizing those who would enforce the law.

Conservatives need to wake up. The GOP is not the party of conservatism today, nor will it ever be - unless conservatives stop kissing ass and start denying these clowns their votes.

'Nuff said.