Regarding Ozzie Guillen  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ozzie Guillen
Ignorant Commie Scumfuck

OK. I think it's important that I comment about this.

First of all, I think that anyone who believes that it is ok to admire a fucking commie rat scumbag like Fidel Castro is, at best, misinformed. In most cases, I'd say anyone taking that position is as big a scumfuck as Castro himself. This I say of Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen - he's a jackhole commie scumfuck, plain and simple.

That having been said, Mr. Guillen, naturalized as an American citizen in 2006, has the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to say the stupid commie scumfuck things he said and was suspended for. The Miami Marlins and those who support their actions can go fuck themselves. Wrong, ignorant, and stupid as he may be, Mr. Guillen has a legal right as an American to have and voice his opinion. This is not to say he has the right to implement it, as the Constitution has provisions preventing him from doing so (at lest legally). He has the absolute right to say what he said, and even advocate changing the law through persuasion to something more in line with his views if he so chooses.

Instead of going public with phony apologies and confessions about being stupid, Mr. Guillen should sue the shit out of the Marlins for violation of his protected First Amendment rights. If the Marlins, or for that matter the Cuban immigrants in Miami, have disagreements with Mr. Guillen, let them exercise THEIR First Amendment rights in response. THAT is the American thing to do.

I stand strongly against what this stupid commie dipshit said, but will, as always, defend to the death his right to say it. To Ozzie I say, stick to baseball. Politics ain't your thing.