Abortion Warnings Violations of First Amendment?  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

The same big government asshats that insist that everything sold in stores must have nutrition information and/or warning labels are now out there saying that requiring doctors to tell patients the truth about abortion is a violation of their First Amendment rights.

While this may or may not be true, the hypocrisy here is out of control.  Here we have a bunch of people who couldn't give a rat's ass what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights say about protecting a person's life to begin with, but will turn around and try to use that same Bill of Rights to try to protect those who want to violate provisions protecting people from being put to death without a fair trial.

These people don't have any problem whatsoever with Chris Matthews hypocritically calling Mormons and Catholics "cultists" and no issue whatsoever with the Left's lies about the Tea Party.  They have no problem with their impostor "president" publicly and loudly proclaiming that those who pay the overwhelming majority of taxes aren't "paying their fair share".  Why, all of a sudden, do they somehow care what the Constitution says about speech when they want it to serve their purposes?

Here again, we have the issue that brought the RWRmy into its first (and so far only) excursion into the Leftosphere.  It seems, yet again, that I was right.  These people DO know what the Constitution says, and they ignore and subvert it because it is contrary to their bullshit philosophy.  Sorry Delfts, the proof is marching around the streets of Boise, Idaho.  Americans, particularly liberals, are not stupid.  They are more than smart enough to find ways around the very law they and their big, bloated, out-of-control government are required to obey.  They believe that the Constitution is wrong, but they know that they will never be able to win any sort of repeal effort, because those of us on the right are just as smart and then some.

The fools in this country are those in the center - those who vote according to whom they think is going to win any given election.  These people are simple followers.  They believe what they hear not based upon their own knowledge and diligent research, but rather based upon the source from which they hear it.  I guarantee you will have a large contingent of people who love warning labels and "Nutrition Information" labels, but will jump and scream in defense of these jackweeds who wish to promote infanticide by morbidly contending that requiring doctors to tell patients the truth about abortion is a violation of First Amendment rights.  If your local supermarket is required to present the truth, then so must your doctor, at least until First Amendment rights are universally restored.

It's evidently time to ask again: Has anyone taken into consideration the babies' First Amendment rights?