Kevin Jackson - Again  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why no one has suggested a Kevin Jackson run for POTUS is beyond me.  Should I need to vote my own way due to an incomplete action on Oblahmacare or Governor Romneyfart choosing an ineligible running mate (I will otherwise be voting LOTE), I shall write in Mr. Jackson.

Here is a piece from a couple of weeks ago that's spot on.  Not sure what's behind the grammatical errors, as they are unusual for him, but what Kevin says in this post is important for all Americans to grasp.  Here's a sample:

For the most part, Americans interact with people based on our needs and their performance. I choose my friends based on common core values, without moralizing about those who values don’t necessarily agree with mine. I don’t have to have gay friends in order to not be homophobic. I don’t need white friends to prove I’m not racist.
All men are created equal. It’s time Obama stop with the politicizing various agendas, and focus on the human agenda, the American agenda.
This man would easily run away with the election, and if you look more closely at his beliefs, you will see that he is a real Tea Partier through and through ... with one glaring exception ...

He's supporting Romneyfart.

Oh well.  That's a lot of people.  He should take a long look in the mirror, though.  He's a lot closer to the Founders than Ol' Mitt.