President Romneyfart?  

Monday, May 07, 2012

Not likely.  Once again, the Republican Party has chosen its biggest available loser to run for POTUS in a situation where they could have taken their pick.  Paul, Santorum, Gingrich, and Mickey Mouse would all have wasted Oblahma in a landslide.  Instead, the Republicans have yet again chosen the worst candidate available.

What the fuck are they thinking?

Advantage Romney on the economy.  That's it.  So we are going to nominate someone who can beat Obama on the economy, but will do nothing at all to restore the freedoms we have lost over the last hundred years.  None of the above would have been ideal, but they ALL would have done just as well on the economy, and they ALL would have done at least a little better on liberty.

On healthcare, Romney is a complete waste.  Obamacare was designed based on the Massachusetts Failure presided over by Romney himself, and this is likely to be the issue over which the upcoming election battle is fought, unless ...


Then, and only then (I put the chances at about 35%) would Romney be able to beat Obama.  Still, there is another nail waiting to be hammered into Romney's coffin ...


According to the 12th Amendment, "no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."  Per Article II, Section 1, "No person except a natural born citizen ... shall be eligible to the office of President."

We have chronicled here the meaning of the term "natural born citizen", given that the current occupant of the White House is ineligible due to his father being a foreign national.  This does not change just because the subject of the discussion happens to lean closer to us politically.  Rubio's parents, unlike Obama's father, did ultimately naturalize as US citizens, and that is certainly to be commended.  However, it does not change the natural born citizen clause in the US Constitution.

Mark Steyn would make a great President.  So would my blog-father Emperor Misha.  Guess what?  They aren't natural born citizens either, so they cannot be.

So, on the conditions that Obamacare is taken off the table by the Supreme Court (in its entirety) and that Marco Rubio (or any other ineligible candidate) is not selected as the vice presidential candidate, it looks like I may be briefly returning to the ranks of the LOTEs.  Just remember this: in either four or eight years, you are getting another D, regardless of what you, I, or anyone else does.  There is no liberal Republican that can do so great a job as to be able to keep the office in the party.  There is also no alternative to the party that will gather enough support in time to beat either of the big government parties.  Republican voters just aren't that smart.  They'll just keep voting LOTE expecting a different outcome.  We will ALL have to keep our eyes, ears, and gunsights on Mr. Romney.

Time for a good old-fashioned revolution.  Bring in on, Sage!