UnitedHealthcare to Offer Obamacare if SCOTUS Shoots It Down  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yup.  UnitedHealthcare plans to offer Obamacare provisions if the Supreme Court does the right thing.

Of course, you will hear a shitload of liberals begging for answers to stupid questions like "If UnitedHealthcare can do this, why not the federal government?" or "If it's such a bad idea, why is United offering it?"

The answer is simple, of course. There is a huge difference between a private-sector insurance company making a product offering and the federal government doing the same.  The federal government simply cannot do it and still be in compliance with the legal restrictions placed upon it by the Constitution, and that is as it should be.  Don't forget that the private sector insurance company isn't picking the pockets of taxpayers who don't want their product in order to pay for it.  Those who want it will pay for it, and only those who want it.

Of course, as provisions become less market-worthy, they will be phased out, unlike the government version, which would continue to expand and drain the livelihoods of American taxpayers even at the point where it becomes useless.  Nothing new here either.

United's offering is much closer to the answer.  Their own research into what is needed; their own solution - all for their own customers.

THAT is what America is SUPPOSED to be about.