2016: Oblahma's America  

Friday, August 31, 2012

I got a look at 2016: Obama's America today.

Not too much of an eye-opener.  I knew on a basic level just about everything presented.  What was new to me was the detail.  Included were actual interviews with those making allegations about the Impostor and/or the actual family members and/or friends of Oblahma as well.

The most notable thing about what I saw today was the audience.  There were thirteen people in the theater, including myself.  Of the first ten to enter, six had come "stag", that is to say, alone.  One of these ten was a popcorn-eating fellow in a wheelchair, and all but one was clearly over fifty years old (that one being myself).  The other three came in later, and though they appeared to be a little younger, I would say they were most likely all thirty or older.

The movie was nothing but facts.  There was very little opinion expressed by the narrator, Dinesh D'Souza, an Indian-American whose trail of life bore a lot of similarities to that of the man sitting in the White House.  He chronicled his travels and quest for knowledge of what this guy is really all about, and how he would have come to be that way.

At the end of the film, the folks who had come were talking amongst themselves.  One woman expressed disgust that so many would come out to see Michael Moore's foolishness, but so few would come here.  Another small group were clearly discussing how to "spread the word".  One man made sure he got in the whole "not a damn word about all the babies this man has killed" (New Jersey Republicans tend to be single-issue pro-lifers).

I made it a point to stay out of the conversations.  I had a lot to consider, and did not want it tainted by the usual foolishness you get from a lot of Republicans ("gotta vote for Mitt ... it's the only way to get this guy out").  Frankly, just one patriotic American with nothing to lose and a high-powered rifle with a scope could end this thing fairly quickly.  You won't see it happen, though.  Those who don't revere this man are generally nonviolent, and the ones who aren't are scared to death of him to the point of inaction.  The Second Amendment will not keep this thug at bay.

This leaves two questions for all of us to ask ourselves and answer for ourselves.  No LOTE or Libertarian should make our decision for us.  They are these:

1. Is this man so horrible as to require immediate removal from office via election?

2. Is Mitt Romney really the answer to this problem?

There is the possibility that allowing Oblahma a second term might bring forth something along the lines of the ill-fated "Tea Party Movement" that he brought on in his first term.  If his words to the Russians hold true, it will be impossible for any American who cherishes his country to stand aside while Obama presses forward without an election hanging over his head.  He will literally have no restrictions whatsoever, as the few restrictions he has had thus far have been exclusively due to November 2012 looming before him.  If you thought he held the Constitution in contempt in his first term, he will do so even more in his second to the point of throwing it out altogether, symbolically if not officially.  This could actually be the best thing ever to happen to America if Americans choose en masse to act.

No conservative in his right mind would dare suggest that Mitt Romney is the answer to all this.  Even Republicans aren't looking for him to do much more than apply the brakes and slow all this bullshit down.  The question about Mitt is more about what happens after four years of HIS brand of liberalism.  Would he stand a chance at reelection?  Probably not.  He's not all that strong a candidate now, and should he pull off an upset in November, he will definitely lose in 2016.  The question is to whom?  Would it be a Democrat nutbag like Hitlery, or would the conservatives who are today vowing to either force serious change in the Republican Party or start a new party altogether succeed in bringing sanity to the shithole that is Washington, DC?  My money is on the Donks.

That's why it probably doesn't matter who takes the Oath of Office in January.  If Mitt wins, you get another Donk again in four years, and an extremist Donk at that (think Nanci Pelosi or Harry Reid).  If America yet again allows an ineligible America hater to have a crack at it, the Republican establishment is toast altogether, and will be replaced by an organization that is serious about Constitutional government, wither from within or from without.  At that point, the healing and rebuilding can begin.

So from one perspective, it's basically a choice between getting Obama out now and putting off real change another four to eight years, or setting the stage for a renewal of America's commitment to her Constitution now, so that we can have our guns ready to fire by 2016, and from another, it's a choice between getting the bad egg out now in the hopes that the alternative will do less damage to the Republic, and putting off renewal of our Constitutional commitment another four to eight years and assume America will even be willing to consider it.

It's not an easy decision by any means, and the nose-holders will just go along with the party no matter what we conservatives choose to do - and that includes four years from now.

For the time being, I will continue to call attention to the most important facts of this election:

1. Mitt Romney is NOT a conservative, and neither is Paul Ryan.
2. Conservative Romney voters who hold conservative non-Romney voters in contempt are only hurting themselves and the Republic.
3. Four years of an unrestricted Obama may be just what his country needs if it is to wake up from its slumber.
4. Electing Romney will not represent a change in direction for this country, no matter how many people at the convention say it will.
5. The Republican Party will not present candidates acceptable to conservatives as long as conservatives keep voting for their lame-ass candidates.
6. Regardless of who votes for whom or who takes the Oath of Office, America will truly deserve the fate that results from this election, nose-holders and all.

Take a look at point number 6.  This includes you.  This includes me.  This includes Democrats.  This includes Republicans.  This includes everyone who should have done more and didn't.  This includes everyone who did too much of the wrong things.

It will also be too late to blame anyone at all.