About Paul Ryan  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Voted YES on $192 Billion stiffulus.
Voted YES on $65 Billion auto bailout.
Voted YES on making the PATRIOT ACT permanent.
Voted YES on increasing funding for nanotechnology.

Just a few of the shitty things Paul Ryan has done.  Definitely one of the best choices Romneyfart could make in terms of actually winning the election, but don't expect Mr. Ryan to be much help on the governing front.  Think Joe Biden.

Here's a guy who is being trotted out as a Tea Party guy who is interested in balancing the budget and getting back to Constitutionalist principles ... and who voted to jack away $257 billion in the very same votes that got John McLame shown the door.  Expect The Regime to capitalize on this in a very big way.  Paul Ryan is no better than Mitt Romney or Scott Brown.  From the perspective of "best for America", big dumbass foolish mistake on the part of Romneyfart and the Republican Party.

However, for purposes of winning the White House in November, Paul Ryan is about as good as you are going to get if you are a Republican.  Conservatives won't go near Mittens, and the Republicans don't really care about conservatives anyway, as long as they vote Republican.  If they don't vote Republican, they are demonized as Obummer supporters - for looking out for the best interests of America, no less.  Still, Ryan is the Republicans' only real hope.  Their candidate is a loser, so they desperately need Tea Party votes to have any hope of achieving their goal, which is occupying the White House - NOT the implementation of the Constitution.  If talking about fiscal responsibility and implementing the Constitution gets them there, they will shout it from the hills.  Doesn't mean that they mean it.

It's not likely that this pair will necessarily take any Oaths in January, but Ryan's popularity with many Tea Party activists will definitely keep this one close.  It's even possible that America may be able to go over the cliff slowly instead of being run over it at top speed due to an upset in November.

Then maybe we can get started turning things around ... IF the American people finally wake up.

Don't hold your breath.