Decision 2012  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am neither an Oblahma supporter nor a Romney supporter, but have made my decision as to what to do with my vote this fall.

In making this decision, I am hereby calling onto the carpet all those "conservatives" who have vowed to begin efforts to replace the Republican Party with a more conservative faction beginning the day after the election.  I shall be casting my vote for the Repubican.

Do I really believe that conservatives are going to get serious and actually work to either fix the Republican Party (impossible) or replace it with something better (unlikely)? No.  They have had ample opportunity over the last 4-6 years and have done absolutely nothing, even though platform after platform (including those presented here) has stared them straight into the face.

Instead, expect a rousing and unending chorus of "Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead", along with a sigh of relief expected to last eight years, but which will be abruptly cut off after four.  Today I predict business as usual for Republicans and conservatives.

Of course, I will be ecstatic to be wrong about this; but what have I truly been wrong about in nearly eight years of blogging?  A few things perhaps in the beginning as I was still learning the truth, but even then I was pretty solid.  Yet the greatest prophecy here at the RWRepublic came from Sage, when he predicted that we would very quickly be referring to the Bush years as "the good ol' days".  These words were not uttered by a Bush supporter.

Nonetheless, it is time to end the Constitutional crisis; time to take action to ensure that the man sitting in the Oval Office is eligible under the Constitution.  It's time to hand the reins to the more beatable enemy.  I at least trust the Republican not to implement all-out totalitarianism.  Can't say the same for the Schlock.  Handing the election Mr. Romney will have the effect of that first step that is the beginning of a journey of a thousand miles.  That first rightward step had better be a big one, lest our nation's decline accelerate despite the change.

Should conservative Americans finally get a backbone, we may have something in place and available to unseat the Republicrats in 2016.  If not, we'll see four years of Romney or Hitlery before finally getting to business.

Most importantly, make sure your votes down the ticket go to Federalist types.  This will help us going forward.

Don't hold your breath.  The sigh of relief is a long way off.