A Question for "Tea Party Republicans"  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ok, so I was wondering, and maybe you "Tea Party Republicans" can answer this if you still come around: How is the move to change or replace the Republican Party that you guys declared would begin on Novermber 7th coming along?  Have you put together a set of demands or guidelines that you will follow in making decisions about the party?  Have you even considered a platform?  I haven't heard or seen a thing.

By now, I would think you would have at least had discussions on the matter that would have led to some sort of preliminary platform, or at least some sort of ideological declaration.  Where are you guys in the process?

November 2014 is not getting any further away, and 2016 is also approaching.  If you expect to have any impact at all on these upcoming elections, you need to get your asses in gear.

Of course, this is all going exactly as I predicted.  "Tea Party Republicans" are all talk, just like the rest of the Republicans.  Talk a good game and expect people to believe you, then just roll along with whatever the Democrats demand.  That's what being a Republican is all about, and it's why I have left the party, or to put it more accurately (as Reagan did), the party has left me (if it ever gave two shits about me to begin with).

This is why the Tea Party has no chance of succeeding as long as it tries to find a home with the Republicans.  The GOP will continue to use the Tea Party to try to squeeze out a few extra votes, but it will never be truly enough to gain any power for itself.  It has been exposed as a fully-controlled extension of the Democratic Party.  It's all one big party now, folks, and has been for a long time.  It's only now becoming clear enough for those of us who came late to the party to see it.  Electing a Republicans somehow manages to get you a huge chunk of the Democrat agenda, even if you give them a majority.

It's time for a reset.  Americans need to stop paying attention to the politicians of today altogether and revisit the times and conditions that brought about this great nation.  We went to war with the world's most powerful superpower over much less than we are experiencing today.  Either Americans are blind and/or stupid, or they simply don't cherish their freedom.  Taking what you are supposed to have for granted doesn't mean you have it.  You must focus on defending it, especially when those you have placed in the position of doing so are failing dismally.

We are SUPPOSED to enjoy:
* Freedom of Religion
* Freedom of Speech
* Freedom of the Press
* Freedom of Personal Armament
* Rights of Personal and Property Security
* Rights of Due Process and against Double Jeopardy and Self-incrimination
* Rights to Counsel and Speedy Trial by Jury
* Protections against Cruel and Unusual Punishment
* Protections of Undeclared Rights, and the
* Right to Local Supremacy.

ALL of these rights are currently under attack.  Where is the uproar?  Where is the revolution?  Where are the "Tea Party Republicans"?  Where are Jefferson, Madison, and Adams when you need them?

When "Tea Party Republicans" consider addressing these issues, I will consider taking them seriously.  So far, only the Libertarian Party seems to have any clue.  That's why I ran there.  I'm still open to a modern Federalist movement, but it's pretty clear there aren't enough Americans who care to get anything going.

So again I ask "Tea Party Republicans": How is the move to bring about REAL CHANGE coming along?