Chavez Supporters  

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Predictably, liberals all over America are actually mourning the passing of Hugo Chavez. So to make life easier for all around election time and other appropriate occasions, I'll be posting the list right here of all the names as I see them. If you see any that I have missed, put 'em in the comment area with a link. I doubt there will me many, if any, surprises, but you go on record in favor of that nasty evil fuck, you're getting listed here if we see it.

The following are publicly mourning or saying nice things about this freedom-hating lunatic scumbag:

ABC News
The Atlantic
Bloomberg TV
Ex-POTUS Jimmy Carter (D)
Foreign Policy Magazine
Ex-Rep (MA-8) Joseph Kennedy II (D)
Larry King
The Los Angeles Times
Michael Moore
The Nation Magazine
The New York Times
Sean Penn
Rep. (NY-16) Jose Serrano (D)
Oliver Stone
The Washington Post

I want every name and/or organization on this list that can be found.

I also encourage boycotts of all of them and for those holding public office, their ouster.

This cannot be tolerated.