If Only ...  

Friday, March 08, 2013

It would sure be nice ...

But I really don't think the CIA has the ability to mutate people's genes or force them to smoke or do anything else that causes cancer.

In fact, Chavez was truly a cancer on the body of humanity, especially of South America. Interesting how this is coming from Iran, isn't it? The very same people who would execute Chavez as an infidel for being Catholic are revering him as a martyr. This just goes to show how serious these asswipes are about their "religion". More proof that it's not at all about religion but about killing anyone who openly disagrees with them.

“Hugo Chavez is alive for justice, love and freedom,” Ahmadinejad wrote. “He is alive for faith and holiness of human being. He is alive for the nations that are alive yearning for the establishment of independence, kindness and justice.

“I have no doubt that he will return alongside all the righteous and Jesus, and the only remainder of the righteous generation, the complete human being, will come and help the nations with the establishment of peace, complete justice, kindness and evolvement.”
This from a guy who encourages people to brutally behead people for believing in Jesus. And Hugo Chavez, a bloodthirsty dictator, is supposed to represent justice, love, freedom, independence, kindness, and peace? This guy is preaching to the uneducated. Chavez stood hard and firm AGAINST all those things every day of his miserable life. He deserves no such eulogy. Much more appropriate just to toss his wasting body into the ocean for the sharks to eat.

Well, if the sharks would bother. If not, just let him float around out there until he decomposes. For all he was worth as a man and a human being, it would be poetic justice.