Victor Davis Hanson: After The Schlock  

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Victor Davis Hanson posted this today. I could not believe my eyes. The ENTIRE ARTICLE was bullshit; not a single correct assumption. Usually conservatives will get SOMETHING right.

What the fuck?

There will be no more $1 trillion deficits.

No. Instead there will be deficits in excess of $10 and $20 trillion. There are no real deficit hawks in Washington.

President Hillary Clinton or President Marco Rubio will tell us that cutting spending and living within our means is the new cool.

President Hillary Clinton will tell us that we need to "invest". There will be no President Marco Rubio any more than there is a President Barack Obama. Like Obama, he is ineligible for the office. Even if he should ascend to power, he will likely be Bush II. He may tell you cutting spending and living within our means is the new cool, but his actions, like Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush before him, will prove that he is lying.

Obamacare may remain in name, but in fact most of its provisions will be discarded or amended.

Expect Obamacare not only to remain in name, but to be expanded beyond your wildest dreams. If you don't see the liberal pattern by now, you are one stupid ass. They talk up a phony problem, create a phony solution that makes the problem worse, then come up with an even worse phony solution that makes the problem yet worse, then expand on those phony solutions. A debt crisis isn't going to make Hillarycare/Romneycare/Obamacare any different.

They will still praise green energy as the way of the future, but they will not continue the massive subsidies to substitute it for far cheaper fossil fuels.

If we are lucky, they will continue the massive subsidies. It sure beats the alternative, which is their taking over the energy industry. Make no mistake about it. This is how these people think.

Do not expect the same level of increases in disability and unemployment insurance and in food stamps.

Expect even greater increases in these. The whole point of these programs in the first place is to get everyone on them so that they can justify taking people's money to pay for them and to line their pockets.

The two parties will disagree over the contours of this chronically weak economy, but not over the fact of its weakness — or soon, even its causes. Most Americans will not wish to continue down the road to Italy or Spain.

The two parties will disagree very little. The cause of the chronically weak economy is the failure of the American people to stand against government intrusion into their financial lives. They simply don't care, and Spain will be of no consequence. Just look at the erosion of liberty over the same period of time. No outrage over that either. Most Americans will simply accept their newfound poverty, just as they are accepting their bondage.

Obama’s economic record will be dispassionately acknowledged to be similar to that of Jimmy Carter. But, unlike Carter, Obama will remain a mythical figure in liberal circles.

Unlike Carter? Jimmy Carter is a liberal icon; he is practically worshipped as a god. The same is true of Obama to the exact same degree.

I cannot remember ever reading such crap from a so-called conservative. Hanson you have NO clue when it comes to these matters. How is it that you have a job and so many Americans don't?