Not So Bad  

Friday, June 07, 2013

Well the GOP primaries were this week, and since I no longer identify as one of THEM, I did not vote. Just as well. We all knew the outcome anyway.

Honestly, it wasn't so bad. Really. What purpose would my voting serve? I live in a state where a big government liberal is demonized as a "right-wing extremist" on a daily basis. Hell, it was no use commenting on the death of a well-established Senate criminal here. He will likely be replaced with someone worse.

So we either get four more years of the fat man, or we get worse.

Bury old Frankie face down so he can see where he's going.

The good thing about all the nastiness going on in this country is that it will force Americans to stand up and fight.

If there are any guns left, that is - or people eligible to own them. Pretty soon it will be a crime to walk out your front door without a license to do so!

Sorry for not being my usual uppity self this morning. I've been watching the Phillies. LOL!