Ta-Ta RWN  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hawk has gone ahead and done something REALLY STUPID.

He has restricted his comment area to Facebook users only.

This means that unless you are willing to put your personal information on one of the least secure sites on the Internet, one that shares your information directly with the government and its spy agencies, you can't comment at RWN anymore.

Since one of the criteria for my blogroll is that I must be able to comment on the blogs listed there, RWN will be removed from my blogroll at the next update, and I will be removing myself from Hawk's mailing list.

It's quite alright, though. Hawk has gone from RINO to Remocrat, moving to the left as he seems to think is necessary assumedly due to Oblahma's presence in the White House. He's completely off the mark today as well. In discovering the above, I had been trying to respond to this post, in which Hawk outlines his own big government alternative to big government, even invoking Ronald Reagan in the process (in a way Bonzo would have never approved of).

So Hawk, now that you have joined the Democrats in their zest for big government (only big government as envisioned by Republicans), we won't be giving you much of a look from here anymore, especially since you are putting such moronic restrictions on your comment area.

Later Days!