The ACP Launches  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The ACP Launches

By The ACP on Sep 09, 2013 11:45 am

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Starting in September, the American Conservative Party, in its effort to further the good work across the country opposing measures to erode property rights and free markets under the guise of environmental awareness, is launching:

The site is so named in response to the term “sustainable development” which is often used to describe a cadre of policies which seek to influence economic, social/cultural, and environmental issues through central planning.

For over 20 years now, governments, large and small, across the United States have embarked on a crusade of “…comprehensive planning, striving to manipulate and guide human behavior through transportation, infrastructure, land use, and “economic development”–completely ignoring that the American experiment owes its success to the primacy of individual rights and private ownership of capital and property. Instead of grand schemes of national and regional planning, the American Conservative Party supports individual economic freedom and decentralized decision-making.” (from the ACP Principle Document @

All across the country, citizens are finally beginning to ask the tough questions about what “sustainable development” means, and are expressing concern at the source of “smart growth,” “form-based code,” and “live, work, and play.”  What appears on the surface as completely innocent, and even innovative land-use decisions, often morphs into: huge swaths of land made off limits to humans, transportation boondoggles, subsidization of “affordable housing” and a slow decay of the role of individual property owners in the distribution and use of private property.  The organization known as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, aka: Local Governments for Sustainability), has had long time relationships with counties and cities and, in an effort to implement “Agenda 21″ Policies (from the United Nations’ Conference on Environment and Development Rio De Jeneiro Conference in 1992) and in its support of “comprehensive planning” efforts, is now finding themselves challenged by those who seek to defend private property rights.

The ACP encourages its members, and all of those who are active in advocating to their local, state, and federal governments, to seek to preserve fundamental rights, and fiscal accountability from their legislators, and resist efforts to put the lives and properties of their citizenry in the hands of central planners and “stakeholder groups.”

The ACP seeks legislation at the national, state, and local levels which will minimize the role of “comprehensive planning” and reaffirm the role of the free market and individual decision-makers.

“There are few things more important, in our view, than minimizing the role of bureaucrats and central planners, and maximizing the role of free citizens and property owners, in the way land is used in the United States,” said Kirk Spears, current Chairman of the American Conservative Party.  ”So, fighting sustainable and regional development efforts is, and will continue to be, a huge part of our policy efforts over the foreseeable future.”

Though the ACP’s Party Principles have been supportive of property rights over central planning since its inception, and the ACP leadership has been active on this issue since 2010, is the first dedicated website from a political party specifically to fight sustainable development and central/regional planning efforts.

The American Conservative Party is a Political Party formed in February 2008 by a group of bloggers and activists, who felt that an expressly independent organization with a clear mandate for limited and enumerated government was required in order to move the body politic, and the country to the right for the long term.  For more information on the ACP, you can visit their website:, email:, or write: 1900 Campus Commons Dr., Suite 100; Reston, VA  20191.