What are These People Thinking?  

Friday, September 06, 2013

John Kerry advocates military action against Syria? For using WMDs?

Yeah ok Skippy.

1. Advocates of the Iraq war made it perfectly clear that they believed that Saddam had sent his WMDs to Syria. Some even claimed that there was satellite footage of the transports.

2. John Kerry, a known anti-war activist, who accused US soldiers in multiple wars of atrocities that he had no evidence of, publicly called bullshit on the idea that Saddam had ever had WMDs to begin with.

3. Now that the Syrian government has used these WMDs on its own people (where have we seen this before ...), the same John Kerry is being trotted out to advocate military action against Syria.

That begs a number of questions ...

a. Are US citizens such as myself, and US soldiers such as our hero ArmyBryan now vindicated, since the Syrians are now using Saddam's WMDs as weapons of terror?

b. Will Kerry take back his baseless accusations that President Bush's assertions that Saddam had had these weapons were all lies?

c. Who exactly was the dumbass in the Oblahma "administration" that suggested that this fuckweasel would be a credible voice to advocate for war? Can one think of something more stupid?

Look, regardless of what one thought about the Iraq war (or any war for that matter), to call someone a liar for telling the truth, one must admit this transgression before advocating for action. John Kerry is a hypocrite of the worst kind.

This does bring forth a much bigger issue:

Why would anyone in this country believe anything this man says at this point?

Anyone who does is an insult to American intelligence (and I don't mean the military kind).