A Little Something from the Lonegan Campaign  

Friday, March 07, 2014

This came in my email yesterday from Steve Lonegan's campaign. I hope he wins. This is the kind of guy Americans need in Washington.

Lois Lerner’s Five, Six , Seven, Eight...
For the Sixth Time, Obama Administration Official Pleads the Fifth on Targeting Conservative Groups
March 5, 2014
LAVALLETTE, NJ – Conservative Republican Congressional candidate Steve Lonegan responded to former IRS official Lois Lerner’s decision to plead the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination for the sixth time in front of a Congressional Hearing today with the following statement:
“Sadly we are again reminded today of the old adage, ‘If it walks like a duck.’ In pleading the Fifth again, Lois Lerner has led us to believe she is protecting those government agents responsible for targeting conservative political groups. Barack Obama promised the American people that he would have the most transparent Administration in history, and instead he has created an enemies list. In this country, no citizen should fear their government. The power in this country rests with the people, not government, a value Barack Obama may never understand."
I have to disagree with Steve on one point, "In this country, no citizen should fear their government". The whole reason things are the way they are is simply that for too long, not enough citizens have feared their government. Perhaps no citizen should need to fear their government, but fearing the government from the getgo is not only healthy, but necessary in any free republic. It's what keeps the government from getting too powerful.

Other than that, Steve is spot on as usual. I do wish he were running in my district. He would do much more good replacing Andrews than Runyan. Of course either scenario is an improvement.